I always had the desire to create, design or decorate anything and everything I could get my hands on. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, my answer always seemed to be along the lines of “open my own boutique, be an interior designer or any occupation that would surround me with life’s pretty things.”

One day I was searching online for a get-well gift basket for friend. I had something specific in mind and I was disappointed with the options I was finding. Many options seemed to be pre-packaged and mass-produced. Most items in these baskets weren’t anything I would have enjoyed myself. This ignited the idea of offering a more thoughtfully curated gift basket than what I was finding, and I wanted to make mindful gift giving my theme!

Because giving and receiving are closely tied with compassion, gratitude and most of all, love, we at It’s Your Day Gifts provide the ease of ordering and delivery in today’s busy world, while also providing mindful gifts for the recipient.

When we are mindful of our gift giving choices, we swap the stress of giving with the pleasure of generosity.
— Natalie